Avoid These Common Accidents this Holiday Season

November 15, 21

Avoid These Common Accidents this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for celebration and being with loved ones. At A to Z Injury Law, we also know that this is a time for accidents that can be easily avoided. We will discuss a few of the most common accidents that occur this time of year and how best to avoid them. If one does occur and you need an accident injury lawyer, contact our team in Miami. We have years of experience defending victims in personal injury cases. Enlist our expertise and we will help you get the justice you deserve.

Car Accidents

It isn’t uncommon for November and December to see an increase in car accidents. This is often due to more people being on the road as they travel to see friends and family for Thanksgiving dinner and for holiday vacations. As more people attend holiday parties, some make the bad decision of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Additionally, the shorter daylight hours make it difficult to see the road ahead and surrounding vehicles. We may not experience snow in South Florida, but if you are driving out of state, you may run into bad weather conditions, such as snow and ice.

All of these elements create an ideal environment for serious car accidents. To avoid accidents, it is recommended that you follow all safety rules of the road, pay close attention at all times, and drive defensively. If you are driving long distances, make sure to drive on major roads to ensure a safer commute.

Back Injuries

What is a common complaint of yours after spending hours in the car? For most people, it’s the back pain they experience. When traveling long distances, make sure to take frequent stops if your back is causing you problems. During every stop, consider walking around, or stretching to release some of the tension in your stiff limbs. If you are traveling by plane for the holidays, carrying around heavy luggage can easily get your back out of whack. Not to mention your neck and shoulders, too. To avoid injury, always lift heavy luggage with your legs and carry it close to your person.


One of the most festive holiday traditions is decking the halls. If you like decorating your house with beautiful lights and other seasonal decorations, the most important thing is to practice climbing safety. If you’re alone, don’t climb too high and if you’re indoors, don’t climb on furniture that isn’t stable. The number of decorating-related falls is as steep as falling from the top of the ladder.

Shopping Accidents

Anyone who has shopped during the peak hours on Black Friday knows that this tradition can be dangerous. With the mad rush to get the best deals, people tend to forget human decency. You see countless news stories about this every year and despite consistent media attention, shopping accidents during the holiday season don’t get less frequent. Know what you are getting yourself into before going shopping. You can experience anything from overcrowding and stampedes to aggressive customer disputes. When shopping this holiday, make sure to:
• Avoid shopping on busy days
• Avoid aggressive customers
• Don’t shop alone
• Look out for floor hazards
• Keep your personal belongings close

Electric Shock 

It comes as no surprise that electric shocks are common during this time of year. After all, what powers all those beautiful lights and brightly lit decorations? The best way to avoid electric shock is to check all your chords and make sure there are no frays or tears. When away from home, always unplug your decorations and don’t put too many plugs into one outlet. Not only can this cause an electric shock to an individual, but it can also start an electrical fire.

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We know the holiday season can be a stressful time of year. Apply caution and common sense whenever and wherever possible. If you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, contact an accident injury lawyer you can trust. At A to Z Injury Law, you will find an experienced team of trial lawyers to represent you. Whether you were involved in a slip and fall at a grocery store or were injured by an aggressive shopper, our team will defend you and make sure you receive the justice you deserve. Call us today at (305) 853-9656 for a free consultation.

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