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Birth injury refers to injury of a newborn infant before, during or after delivery. In Miami, it is reported that 6 out of 1,000 births involve birth injuries. Mild injuries consist of bruises or small scratches whereas severe injuries include fractures, facial paralysis, spinal cord damage, cerebral palsy and erb’s palsy.

Here are some of the facts you need to know before as you consider hiring a birth injury attorney for your potential accident injury lawsuit. Look for an attorney who specializes in birth injury law, such as the law team at A to Z.

Causes of Birth Injuries

  • Prematurity – a baby born before they are 37 weeks old
  • Abnormal birthing – A birth such as a buttocks first delivery
  • Large babies – A baby weighing over or about 8 pounds
  • Dystocia – A difficult childbirth
  • Prolonged labor – This is called failure to progress and

occurs when labor goes on for over 20 hours

Common Birth Injuries

Some of the common birth defects we see caused by medical malpractice in Miami hospital delivery rooms  include:

  • Bruising or forceps marks – bruising on the head or face because of the trauma of going through the birth canal
  • Infant brain injury – This occurs when the baby has insufficient oxygen. Prolonged deprivation of oxygen leads to brain damage and brain disorders like epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Learn more about brain injury / TBI.
  • Facial paralysis – When a mother is in labor, the pressure on the baby’s face could cause injuries on their facial nerve. Facial paralysis is also caused by the use of forceps for delivering the child.

In a case of medical malpractice, the lawyers at A to Z Injury law in Miami, will work hard to prove that your doctor acted negligently and contributed to or directly caused the birth injury. Experienced accident injury lawyers Erik Alvarez and Ruben Chavez will work hard to have you compensated for medical care, pain, suffering  and other costs that you have or will have to incur owing to your OB-GYN, family doctor, surgeon or other doctor’s mistakes.

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