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Why we formed A to Z

By Erik Alvarez, Partner.

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In April of 2011, I was introduced to injury attorney Ruben Chavez by a colleague of ours here in Miami, who spoke very highly of him. I was immediately impressed by him. His knowledge of the lawability in the courtroom and, most importantly, his integrity, were second to none.

We instantly connected and began working and litigating various types of personal injury cases  together while managing our respective law firms. We traveled throughout Florida and the rest of the country together while vigorously working our cases. We had a blast; deposing FBI agents, tracking down incarcerated witnesses, persuading opposing engineers to agree with our positions, and occasionally, talking our way out of traffic citations (always Ruben’s fault).

We had a ton of fun, got some great results, and I learned more than I ever thought possible. With each case came a new experience and another victory for our client.

After nearly 10 years, Ruben and I decided to formally team up and create A to Z Injury Law. Now, not only is Ruben my legal mentor, he is my formal partner.

The law firm name was thought up as a double entendre; A combination of our names – Alvarez and Chavez – commencing with the letter ‘A’ and ending with the letter ‘Z’. The name also reflects our philosophy for the firm; To help our clients with all of their needs, from start to finish, from A to Z.

While we are trial lawyers, ready to battle it out in the courtroom, and while we certainly know how to maximize our client’s recovery, we also recognize there are many other aspects to handling a client’s case.

Oftentimes, our clients need assistance with issues such as their car repairs, their towing costs, their medical bills, their finances following an accident, or in obtaining medical attention from the right physician.

We are committed to helping with all of these things, both large and small, to make our client’s live’s easier following an accident that results in injuries.

That is why we formed A to Z Injury Law, and that is what drives us to provide the best possible legal representation for our clients here in Miami, Fort Myers and throughout South Florida.

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