ATTORNEY Endorsements

Attorney Endorsements

The following are endorsements by respected members of the legal community in Miami and throughout Florida. We are both proud and grateful for the fact that many fellow attorneys think highly enough of our firm to refer us cases for litigation and for trial.

Martin Hannan

Martin Hannan, Car accident Attorney on November 07, 2019 Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community I fully recommend Erik Alvarez. He is passionate and extremely knowledgeable in the personal injury field. I have referred him numerous complex cases for him to represent the client through litigation and trial. He consistently exceeds my expectations, as well as those of the clients, and obtains excellent results.

Sherry Parks

Sherry Parks, Car accident Attorney on November 05, 2019 Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community Ruben Chavez is one of the most ethical, talented and professional lawyers I have come across. I trust him 100% with my clients, and know when he takes on a case he does everything possible to ensure the best outcome for his clients. I fully endorse Ruben, Erik and A to Z Injury Law.

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