Truck Accidents in Miami

Why Big Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents Make Miami Driving Such a Challenge (and Required a Top Truck Injury Lawyer).

It a statistical fact that Miami has some of the worst traffic in the country. Of course, residents, domestic and international tourists, and commuters contribute to the regional roads being jam-packed throughout the days and nights. But when you consider that commercial vehicles can weigh 20-30x more than passenger vehicles, it becomes clear why South Florida is also a leader in deadly truck crashes.

The reasons Miami is notorious for dangerous driving behaviors are compounded by the drivers of semi-trucks or other commercial vehicles exhibiting many of the same driving behaviors that are responsible for crashes in general.

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Recently, Safe Roads USA released a composite of what makes Miami roads among the least safe in the nation. As a law firm dedicated to truck accidents (among other practice areas), A to Z views their findings through the lens of commercial vehicle incidents.

The Dangerous Driving Behaviors Responsible for Many Miami Crashes (and How Trucks Contribute)

I-95 is one of the nation’s most heavily traveled highways, and it runs right through Miami, which means the city sees its fair share of commercial traffic and a remarkable amount of deadly truck crashes.

As Safe Roads USA points out, it is more important than ever for motorists to pay attention and drive safety, given the state of Miami’s roads. Unfortunately, whether personal vehicles or commercial trucks, driver’s negligence is overwhelmingly the leading cause of accidents in the city.

Aggressive Driving: All drivers spend a lot of time sitting in Miami traffic. Imagine if you are hauling something time sensitive or your job depends on a strict schedule? Truck drivers are every bit as susceptible to aggressive and dangerous behaviors to make up for lost time. Speeding, making unsafe turns, and racing through intersections to beat the lights all contribute to crashes, more so when large trucks or semi-trailers engage in such behavior. Be on guard for these situations.

Impaired Driving: Legal drugs, illegal drugs, and alcohol can all impair a driver’s ability to navigate the Miami roads safely. Even truck drivers can make the same poor decision to get behind the wheel while impaired. Fatigued professional drivers may attempt to boost their attention with stimulants that often accompanies side-effects they weren’t anticipating. And it doesn’t help when drivers of standard, smaller vehicles refuse to share the road safely while a commercial driver is fatigued.

Distracted Driving: With all the advancements in technology, there’s pressure for all of us to remain constantly connected to the world, even when we’re supposed to be focused on an important task like driving. Truck drivers have the same impulse to pay attention to their phones instead of the road. When a commercial driver takes his or her eyes away from traffic, they are significantly less likely to see hazards and dangerous road conditions.

Safety Concerns Impact Everyone

Miami roads have their challenges and amongst the worst traffic in the nation. Poor road conditions and dangerous driving behaviors are huge parts of the problem. While commercial operators have as high a rate of inconsiderate drivers, whether due to failure to obey traffic signals, following too closely, drunk or drugged or otherwise reckless driving, the difference is how much more damage they can do.

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