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Auto Accident Lawsuits: A Guide

Monday, October 24th, 2022

Did you know that the law allows you to file a compensation claim when you get involved in an auto accident? But before you can file a personal injury suit, you need to understand the process. Florida has specific guidelines stipulating timelines and requirements for such a claim. Knowing this information will help you understand whether you have a strong case. Moreover, you’ll also learn if heading to court is better than settling the matter outside of court.

Find an Expert Car Accident Attorney in Miami

Filing a claim for Miami auto accidents on your own can be challenging. But with help from a professional Miami accident lawyer, you’ll be in safe hands. A Miami injury attorney will have intricate knowledge of the law. They will also know the value of your mental and physical injuries. Moreover, they won’t hesitate to take the matter to court if it comes to that.

Knowing the Deadline for Filing a Claim

Once you’ve hired an expert car accident attorney in Miami, they can help you file the claim as fast as possible. Each state has set deadlines for when to start a legal process called the “statute of limitations.” If you don’t begin the legal work within the statute of limitations, you will not be able to sue for compensation. Miami auto accidents are all considered under Florida law, so you have four years from the date of the accident to file the claim.

Do You Need to File an Auto Accident Lawsuit?

Many accident lawsuits get settled long before a court trial. Usually, there is a chance to agree on the matter before it’s even filed. The legal process is often complicated and time-consuming. It can also be costly. And settling outside of court is seen as an advantage if you feel you might lose if you go to trial. 

But if you have a Miami injury attorney with a winning streak, they may be confident to go to court if necessary. Doing this helps ensure you get all the compensation you deserve. It’s best to seek legal advice from a Miami accident lawyer that can assist in determining the weight of your case. That way, you can make the right choice.

Understanding the Different Damages

Whether you’ve had a motorcycle accident in Miami or a car accident, you need to know the damages that you can recover. These include medical expenses, property damages, disfigurement, pain and suffering, and permanent disability. Lost wages and mental anguish are other valid cases for filing such a claim. Many people believe you must experience a physical injury to file a suit. But with any car or motorcycle accident in Miami, there are various angles to strengthen your case.

Talk to An Expert Accident Lawyer

Don’t allow the statute of limitation to pass by without getting what is rightfully yours. Contact A to Z Injury Law today, and we’ll help you throughout the legal process.

5 Things You Should Know Before Filing an Injury Lawsuit

Wednesday, October 19th, 2022

Personal injury defines the injuries, mental or psychological pain resulting from negligence, or a third party’s carelessness. A personal injury claim allows you to recover some damages. However, it may be difficult to complete this process when you lack adequate knowledge of legal matters. Here are five basic factors you need to know when filing a lawsuit to seek compensation.

1. Having a Lawyer Helps You Recover More

Firstly, hiring a personal injury attorney increases your chances of receiving higher compensation than working alone. This is because the Miami accident lawyer at A to Z Injury Law knows how to value claims. These experts also understand how to negotiate a settlement that favors their clients.

A Miami injury attorney can also collect evidence to make your case stronger. Suppose the other party’s insurance company is not willing to negotiate. In that case, your lawyer will present this information in front of a jury or judge to ensure you qualify for the compensation you deserve.

2. Seeking Medical Attention Immediately Strengthens Your Case

You should go to the hospital immediately after a personal injury, including a slip and fall accident for several reasons. Firstly, it could save your life. The doctors will identify and treat the internal injuries that sometimes reveal symptoms days or weeks after the accident.

Secondly, it is your duty to mitigate the damage and prevent the injuries or pain from worsening. Thirdly, failing to seek medical attention may cause the defendant to argue that you exacerbated the injury and that you should receive lower compensation.

3. Call Your Lawyer Sooner Than Latter

Remember to call a Miami injury attorney as soon as possible. He will help you gather and preserve critical evidence to support your claim. 

Additionally, he will help you understand your legal options and protect you from making expensive mistakes like revealing vital information. Contacting a Miami accident lawyer early enough also makes it easier to remember specific details about the accident or injury and access relevant witness information with the insurance adjusters. 

4. You Must Gather Enough Evidence

In personal injury cases, the injured party carries the burden of proof. Therefore, it is essential to collect sufficient evidence to support your claim. This will also help you convince the court and insurance adjusters of the emotional and physical injuries you suffered due to negligence. For example, police and medical reports can prove your suffering and offer strong testimonies in the Miami injury lawsuit.

5. Every Case Is Different

Another vital thing to remember before filing an injury lawsuit is that every case is different. All personal injury cases follow the same procedure. However, your compensation will depend on various factors, such as the type and cause of injury and the extent of damages. Moreover, some cases require more time to settle than others and may settle on trial or out of court.

In summary, knowing what to do when filing a Miami injury lawsuit helps you to prepare adequately for the process and increase the chances of receiving reasonable compensation. Contact A to Z Injury Law for legal assistance when you get injured due to a person’s negligence.

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