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Medical Malpractice

6 Common Types of Medical Malpractice

Every year, thousands of people die in America because of different kinds of cases of medical malpractice. Nationwide, medical malpractice impacts the lives of not only those they’ve erroneously damaged, but they also impact the family and friends of the victim. When this happens it is important to seek out an experienced team of personal[…]

Nursing Home Abuse And Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Nursing home abuse in South Florida is a serious matter. Each year thousands of seniors are injured or even killed in nursing homes across the country. A study by the University of South Florida says that “Between 1 and 2 million Americans 65 and older have been injured, exploited, or otherwise mistreated by someone on[…]

What to do if You’re a Victim of Medical Malpractice

At A to Z Injury Law, we have seen many cases of medical malpractice. In fact, our firm has recovered around $2,350,000.00 in medical malpractice cases. Sadly, medical malpractice is not an uncommon occurrence.  Johns Hopkins University conducted an eight-year study and found approximately 250,000 counts of medical malpractice each year. Misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, and[…]

6 Important Facts About Medical Malpractice

Sadly, medical malpractice occurs far too often in the U.S., and at A to Z Injury Law, we have defended many clients who demanded justice after this traumatic experience. Errors in the medical profession are largely due to the inadequacy of the medical system, which allows hospitals and pharmacies to be understaffed, while the professionals[…]

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