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The Most Common Types of Construction Accidents

Friday, December 11th, 2020

Whether you are a carpenter, an electrician or a steel worker, all the trades have a couple of significant things in common: 1. You are in the Construction industry, and 2. Your job can be dangerous. Most workers within the industry understand the level of hazards for which they need to look out. However, a spouse or relative caring for a loved one who has been involved in a construction accident, or a new business owner making their first steps in brick-and-mortar, may not know exactly what the top hazards are in the construction industry. If this is your situation, or something similar, A to Z Injury Law wants to be your resource.

There are approximately 6.5 million construction workers at over 250,000 construction sites on any given day across the United States. Those sites have a higher fatality rate for injuries than most other workplaces. But why? What makes a construction job more dangerous than others?

Injuries inflicted by equipment

On almost every construction site, getting hit by falling, swinging, or rolling equipment can lead to dangerous injuries. Even if it isn’t your core job, moving a heavy object out of your way may be part of your day just to get to your work. You could be struck by a beam, a vehicle, or other construction equipment. Whether it’s bricks hoisted in the air or a pallet full of pipes on a higher floor, anything above you is going to be tremendously more dangerous if it comes down unexpectedly.

Electrical errors

It can be easy to lose track of live wires or nearby powerlines, which explains why electrocution is the 4th leading cause of death for construction workers. Even when an injury isn’t fatal, the pain and injury it inflicts can stay with you for days or even years.


Scaffolds, cranes, trenches, even whole buildings…there are more things capable of collapsing around a construction site than not at times. Cave-ins can sometimes be difficult or impossible to escape from, while a scaffolding or crane collapse can cause extraordinary injuries.

Falling from any height

There need not be a skyscraper involved. Whether you step off a ladder or scaffold wrong, or slip off a single-story roof, or suffer vertigo while in a cherry picker…any situation can go wrong badly and falls from a height are one of the leading causes of fatal accidents on construction sites. If this has happened to you or someone you know, was every precaution taken to guarantee safety?

If you have been injured on the job, or you know someone who has or have any questions about a construction accident, give A to Z Injury Law a call today at (305) 203-4357, or contact us here. You will receive a no-obligation consultation about your case and your rights moving forward.

Who Picks You Up After an Uber or Lyft Accident?

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

A to Z Injury Law in Miami wants to help you fight rideshare negligence

When you make the safe choices and still end up injured, you are not alone

Whether it is getting home from holiday parties, making a doctor’s appointment when you don’t have a car, or getting to a business meeting while traveling, we’re often told how convenient rideshare options are…and it is absolutely true the vast majority of the time. But they are not always as safe as they seem.

Distracted rideshare drivers can put passengers and others on the road at greater risk, and anyone injured in an Uber or Lyft accident should speak with a lawyer to determine their legal options fast.

When negligence is involved in a rideshare accident, it becomes invaluable to understand your rights. You are the injured party. You can hold the Uber or Lyft driver accountable when their negligence results in injuries or damages.

The more popular rideshares become, the more they need to be me held accountable so everyone can feel safe.

When you are driving your own car yet have a rideshare “connection”

The rest of the drivers on the road are as much at risk as the passengers. When is the passenger of a rideshare in an accident? When the rideshare vehicle has stopped in the middle of the road to pick someone up or has just made an illegal U-turn to pull in somewhere it wasn’t supposed to go to begin with. All of which involve other drivers driving their own personal cars, all of whom have their own injuries and damages.

All victims have rights when their injuries stem from a crash caused by a negligent rideshare driver. Knowing these rights is essential when seeking compensation from the responsible party, and our Miami rideshare accident attorneys are here to help you starting today.

Someone exiting a rideshare vehicle injures another person riding a bike. Who is liable?

It is a more common occurrence than you might think, especially in densely populated areas like Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Cyclists who have been “doored” by rideshare passengers exiting an Uber or Lyft often end up suffering severe injuries. But then who is responsible for the cyclist’s medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering?

While the driver has a legal duty to maintain the safety of passengers and pedestrians while operating a rideshare vehicle, the rideshare company will likely try to blame the passenger for not looking back before pushing open the car door. Among the issues with going after the passenger is trying to hold the passenger responsible for the harm caused when they themselves might not have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, which is what is required to cover that type of claim.

The bottom line when there is a failure to use reasonable care to prevent harm to others is negligence. The driver should have had the foresight to know that a passing bicyclist could have been injured and warned their passenger to remain in the vehicle until it was safe to exit. Even more egregious if the rideshare driver was dropping the passenger off in a bike lane.

If you are a bicyclist who was doored by an exiting rideshare passenger, contact A to Z today.

Economic vs. Non-economic Damages

When negligence causes injury, the plaintiff can seek damages to cover the physical and emotional pain they have endured. The two types of damages settled on are economic and non-economic.

Economic damages have a monetary value. Medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, etc., are all measurable amounts that can be calculated with estimates and receipts. Non-economic damages speak to the pain and suffering and things someone on the outside cannot directly evaluate.

A to Z Injury Law is Miami’s leading authority on rideshare injury cases. We understand how distressing Uber and Lyft driver accidents can be, and when you sustain serious injury, you deserve to protect your rights. We have a proven track record of securing settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients and want to help you obtain your desired verdict out of your rideshare injury case. Call (305) 203-4357 or click here for help, 24/7. Hablamos Español

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Who Picks You Up After an Uber or Lyft Accident?
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