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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Miami, FL | Motorcycle Attorney

According to the NHTSA, motorcyclists are only 5% of the total drivers on the road. Yet, on the other hand, research has shown that motorcycle accidents in Miami and all across America have happened 27 times more frequently than car accidents. Therefore, you must be familiar with what you need to do after you get caught up in a motorcycle accident. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re the rider, the driver of a passenger vehicle, or a spectator. That said, even though there are some things you can do to save yourself, even the most skillful and careful drivers can find themselves in a few unavoidable motorcycle accidents in Miami. Learning the steps you’ll need to take will help you react properly if there’s ever a need.  

Here’s what you need to do after you get into a motorcycle accident in Miami, FL.

Ensure You’re Safe

Instantly after a motorcycle accident, your adrenaline is going to be pumping and it’s possible you’re going to be in a state of shock. While people instantly think of calling an accident lawyer after they get injured, the first thing you need to do is to assess your surroundings. 

Are you in danger? 

Have you been seriously injured? 

Has someone else been injured?

If you’re not injured, move away from traffic and the road as soon as you can. 

Ensure Everyone Is Okay

Once you’re done making sure that you’re safe, you need to ensure everyone who was a part of the accident is okay. Motorcycle accidents can be devastating and pedestrians can get hurt, too. 

Immediately after the accident, call an ambulance if there’s a need and try not to cause a hindrance in the traffic passing by. 

Once you’ve ensured everyone is safe, you can move on to the next step. 

Don’t Remove Protective Gear

After the motorcycle accident, it may be possible you go into shock and the pumping adrenaline will prevent you from feeling the pain from any injuries you may have sustained. Remember, before the paramedics arrive, you should not remove your helmet and any other gear. There may be injuries that you are unaware of and removing your gear can cause more damage.

Preserve And Gather All Kinds of Evidence

Regardless of the kind of accident you were a part of, it’s important you gather all the relevant proof. This is even more important for a motorcycle accident in Miami, FL. Primarily, because these accidents have an increased chance of a serious injury. 

As a result, it is a lot more important to prove your case successfully. Moreover, apart from the other driver involved in the accident, get as much information from every other person involved in the accident. Be it a responding officer, emergency personnel, witnesses, or anyone who helps you during the accident. Whatever you do, do not get rid of the bike. 

Keep it in the same condition it was at the time of the accident in case the other driver refuses to accept their mistake. The bike can also contain useful evidence or it may be used for accident reconstruction to determine who was at fault. 

Moreover, if you have your phone with you and it has managed to survive the accident, take as many photos as you can. And while it may sound dreadful, take a photo of your injuries, too. 

Everything is important!

Medical Treatment

After you’ve collected all the necessary medical evidence, rush to a doctor, or wait for an ambulance. This is essential for your well-being. You need to get better and the best way you can do this is by following a doctor’s advice. Another reason why this matters is that you can prove the damages you’ve sustained and the injuries. 

Insurance organizations are notorious for using gaps and delays in healthcare to challenge a person’s injuries. That is why It’s imperative you get medical treatment immediately and that the treatment you go through helps prove your case. 

Talk to A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Miami, FL

Right after you’ve been injured, is the best time to speak to your motorcycle accident lawyer in Miami. Working with an experienced firm like A to Z Injury Law can make a huge difference in your insurance payout. 

On most occasions, an insurance company is going to offer you the lowest compensation possible, but a motorcycle accident lawyer in Miami can help you negotiate and get you a fair settlement. 

Conclusively, unless you are absolutely certain, try not to admit that it’s your fault after a motorcycle accident! Let a Miami accident lawyer handle your case while you recover from your injuries. 

To get in touch, call us today at 305 677 8325 for a free case evaluation. 

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

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