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What is Covered Under Construction Accidents and When Do You Need a Construction Accident Lawyer in Miami


Miami is a growing city, and the boom in real estate leads to an increase in construction throughout South Florida. In Dade County, a total of 62,228 construction permits were issued for jobs ranging from buildings to signs. County inspectors shut down 21.2% of the construction sites for some type of code or safety violations. 

A study by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found that construction is one of the most dangerous occupations. There are higher odds of becoming injured from various accidents that can lead to lost wages, medical bills, and suffering. 

Understanding what is covered as construction accidents is the key to holding them responsible. 

Know Your Rights and Get the Construction Attorney in Miami to Fight for You

Construction is a dangerous occupation, and there is a high probability you will miss time at work related to an injury. The Hartford Insurance Company found that one in every six construction workers are injured on the job. An accident limits their ability to work or increases the costs for healthcare and other treatment options. 

There are various accidents where your employer is responsible and must provide a safe work environment for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Repeated Stress Injuries

A repetitive stress injury is when you have an injury that impacts the wrists, ankles, back, or joints. The nature of the workplace continuously puts pressure on these areas and can reduce your ability to perform the most basic tasks. 

Your employer has a responsibility to assign you to jobs where the stress is reduced or provide the necessary safety equipment to eliminate it. If you are injured, you need to contact the construction accident lawyer in Miami right away. We can review your cases and get an independent medical exam to determine your rights. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slips and falls are your employer’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment despite the harsh nature of construction work. These occur when you are on the job, walking along, and slip or fall on something lying around. 

The construction site must be kept clear of debris to prevent accidents and ensure everyone’s safety. It is not uncommon for these accidents to cause sprains, broken bones, and problems with different parts of your body. 

If something like this happens to you, call the construction accident attorney in Miami as soon as possible. The timely response ensures that we can find out what happened and get you compensation for your injury. 

Motor Vehicle and Equipment Accidents

Let’s face it, at any construction site; there is a lot of heavy machinery and motor vehicles going everywhere. A worksite is a busy place, and there are tight deadlines that have to be met. Supervisors are pushing everyone to do as much as possible so that the job can move one step closer to completion. 

In all of this hustle, you can get injured by equipment operators not paying attention to what they are doing. Sometimes, heavy machinery malfunctions, and you become injured from this event. 

It is also possible to be hit by trucks or equipment moving around the site. If anything like this happens to you, call the construction lawyer in Miami, so we can hold your employer accountable for the accident. They have a legal obligation to ensure the site is safe for everyone by following the proper procedures. 

Exposure to Toxins

Construction work requires using toxic chemicals that can be hazardous to your health if you are inhaling them. Your employer must provide the proper safety equipment and ensure that everyone wears it. If you are exposed to them, it can cause respiratory problems, and you need to visit a construction lawyer in Miami. 

We Can Help

These are a few of the accidents where you should talk to the construction lawyer in Miami. Call A to Z Injury Law today at 305-203-4357 and let our construction accident attorneys examine your case.

What is Covered Under Construction Accidents and When Do You Need a Construction Accident Lawyer in Miami

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