Bike Accident Lawyer Miami, FL | Miami Bike Accident Lawyer

The Most Frequent Motorcycle Accidents from the Miami Bike Accident Lawyer

Bike Accident Lawyer Miami, FL | Miami Bike Accident Lawyer

Riding a motorcycle is an enjoyable experience where you feel a sense of freedom from the open road.  Florida is the perfect place for riding with the warm weather and the many places you can quickly go on your bike. 

However, a significant drawback is the traffic conditions on the roads in Florida can become dangerous at times. 

Drivers in motor vehicles are not always paying attention to their surroundings, and some are even speeding. The combination of these factors makes things difficult for you when you are riding your motorcycle. 

In fact, Florida is one of the top ten states for some of the most unsafe drivers in the country. 

Every year, Florida has an average of over 500 deaths and 9 thousand motorcycle accidents. 

You should be aware of the most common accidents and take action to avoid these issues. Keep reading to learn more. 


Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is when the traffic is stopped or going slow, and you start to ride between the cars. 

The other drivers are not expecting someone to come up beside them at a high rate of speed and pull out, hitting the motorcycle rider. 

You should avoid engaging in lane splitting, as these practices are illegal in Florida, and you increase your odds of having a significant accident. 

If you are in this kind of accident, you will be the one at fault for failing to follow the road rules. Never take chances with your life in these situations, and take your time getting to your destination safely. 

Regardless of what happens, you should call the Miami Bike Lawyer at A to Z Injury Law when you are in an accident. 

Ruben Chavez is a partner and one of the best motorcycle accident attorneys in Miami that shows professionalism, experience, compassion, and support. He knows the law and can help you with your case to ensure your rights are protected. 


Lane Changes

Lane changes are a common accident when riding your motorcycle, as the other driver might not see you. These incidents happen on four, six, or eight-lane roads and involve you riding up beside a car, and the other vehicle suddenly moves into your lane. 

Frequently, you are in the other vehicle’s blind spot, and they don’t see you in their rear-view or side mirrors. The other driver does not physically turn their head to check the blind spot and suddenly moves over. 

The key in avoiding these accidents is to drive defensively by looking for signs the other driver is moving, over such as

  • Gaps in the traffic in front of where you are driving.
  • A two-way head maneuver where the driver looks left and right. 
  • Anticipating potential dangers all around you. 
  • Making eye contact with the other driver, so they see you looking at them and are aware of you.

On a motorcycle, you need to be proactive to dangers on the road and always be aware of your surroundings. 

If you are injured in a lane-changing accident, call the Miami motorcycle lawyers at A to Z Injury Law. We will fight for you and know what to do to hold the other driver responsible for not following the road rules. Your rights should be protected, and just because you are on a motorcycle does not release the other driver from responsibility. 


The Head-On

A head-on motorcycle accident is one of the most deadly for the rider, as you are thrown from the bike or crushed by the other vehicle. 

Frequently, both the motorcycle and the car drive at high speeds, and the odds of fatalities increase. 

The best avenues for avoiding a head-on are to 

  • Pay attention to the road ahead
  • Decrease your speed
  • Move to the emergency strip.

These accidents typically occur on two-lane roads, and you need to be watchful of reckless drivers. 

Contact Us to Learn More

A to Z Injury Law can get you results from these accidents, and we have helped many others just like you get the justice they deserve. We care about you and want to ensure that the other driver is held responsible for their negligence. 


Riding a motorcycle requires paying close attention to the road, and if you are in an accident, contact a Miami bike accident lawyer immediately. 

Call A to Z Injury Law today at 305-889-7946, and let us review your case for free. We are off 72nd Street up the road from Sunset Park in beautiful Miami, Florida.

The Most Frequent Motorcycle Accidents from the Miami Bike Accident Lawyer

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