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6 Common Types of Medical Malpractice

Every year, thousands of people die in America because of different kinds of cases of medical malpractice. Nationwide, medical malpractice impacts the lives of not only those they’ve erroneously damaged, but they also impact the family and friends of the victim.

When this happens it is important to seek out an experienced team of personal injury attorneys in Miami. Medical malpractice cases are no easy feat and you’ll want to know you have an experienced lawyer on your team fighting to get the justice you deserve. 


To avoid this, it’s imperative you’re familiar with the common types of medical malpractice

  • Misdiagnosis

Several medical malpractice cases are when a misdiagnosis has occurred. Even though the doctor evaluates the condition of the patient, they are unable to make the right judgment, leading to a misdiagnosis. 

The doctor may say that the patient has no noticeable illness, or the doctor may prescribe medicines for a condition the patient does not have. 

Misdiagnosis is considered malpractice because the patient does not receive the appropriate medical treatment because of a doctor’s diagnosis. On the other hand, some healthy patients are prescribed medicines they don’t actually need. In both cases, a medical malpractice suit is the first step in getting justice.

Over Treating A Condition

Medical malpractice can also be when a medical condition is over-treated. This is the opposite of improperly diagnosing a medical condition; some healthcare professionals over-diagnose a patient. 

Putting a patient through unnecessary risks, testing procedures, and prescribing them medications that they don’t need can also be risky for their overall health. Treating a condition that a person doesn’t have can cause everlasting physical damage and that’s where we come in.   

Not Treating a Patient

In some instances, a case of medical malpractice in Miami can also be caused when the doctor has arrived at the right diagnosis but fails to recommend the treatment required. 

These situations can also be classified as cases of malpractice called failure to treat. 

A failure-to-treat scenario often happens when a doctor is treating too many patients at once. People often think that in a situation like this, doctors put profits over the patient’s well-being. Ultimately, doctors don’t give every patient the same level of attention and their medical treatment suffers. 

As a result, they may release some patients too soon, fail to follow up with a patient, or ignore a patient when they should be recommended to a specialist. 

Birth-Related Injuries

A birth-related injury can happen when a doctor or any other healthcare professional makes a mistake during labor, delivery, or any other stage of pregnancy. 

The most common type of birth-related injury is cerebral palsy, which can happen if a newborn baby is deprived of oxygen during birth. 

Other mistakes that can cause birth-related injuries in Miami are not performing a C-section or improper monitoring when needed. 

Surgical Errors

While surgical errors can be detrimental, the chances of these happening are quite slim. When a surgical error in Miami happens, it can quickly make the headlines and can be very bad for a doctor’s career. These are the most extreme examples of medical malpractices. 

Healthcare professionals have performed surgeries on the wrong body parts and the wrong patients. As a result, a patient may be injured because of a doctor’s negligence. A healthcare facility’s negligence in providing care to a patient can cause an infection, or damage to surrounding areas and can be considered as a case of medical malpractice. 

Medication Error

Every year, 1.5 million people across America are affected by dosage and prescription mistakes. Healthcare professionals are largely responsible for these mistakes. A doctor may be held responsible for prescribing the wrong medicines and a nurse or a medical facility can be held liable for a mistake while administering these drugs to the patient. 

Whenever medicine is prescribed to a patient, the pharmacist and the doctor are responsible for ensuring that the medicine is used for the intended purpose. And as we’ve mentioned previously, this also classifies as medical malpractice. 

In a busy hospital setting, medication may also be administered to the wrong patient. 

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6 Common Types of Medical Malpractice

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