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5 Worksite Construction Accident Prevention Tips

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There is a boom in construction throughout Miami and all of South Florida. From Homestead to Biscayne Bay to Miami Shores, you see construction going up everywhere. Being careless or not following safety guidelines makes a construction accident almost guaranteed. Some resulting in injury and unfortunately death.


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You might not be able to control negligence by your employer, but you can take these 5 steps to reduce any risks. Follow these tips to do your part in preventing construction site accidents.

1. Avoid the “Fatal Four” construction accidents.

Every day there are over 15 deaths in the workplace throughout the US. And every year, over 20% of these are due to a construction accident. That’s one in five, putting construction workers at the top of the list for high-risk work.


The most common construction accidents that result in death or injury, known as the “Fatal Four” are:


  • Falls
  • Electrocution
  • Being struck by falling material
  • Being caught between two objects


Falls being the most common, are also mainly preventable. Any height above 6 feet has fall prevention requirements. This can be something as simple as properly standing on a ladder to using a harness system. Blocking holes in the floor and walls as well as adding rails to unguarded ledges are necessary.


Improperly tagged and unprotected power sources are just part of the risk of electrocution. 


Not using construction equipment and power cords the way they should contribute just as much. 


Keep an eye out for power sources that could pose a risk in your workplace. And always use your equipment according to their guidelines.


Having a watchful eye will help you avoid getting hit by a falling object. 


Speaking of eyes, a hard hat and protective eyewear should be worn at all times. 


Be on the lookout when walking around the site for vehicles too. Getting hit by a bulldozer or the bosses’ truck is just as dangerous or worse than a falling hammer.


Properly installed protective systems should be in place to prevent workers from getting stuck between two objects. Whether or not there are moving parts involved, potentially dangerous locations should be recognized before work starts.

2. PPE for you and me.

Never go without your personal protective equipment while on any construction site. This is the one thing you have complete control of to prevent getting hurt in a construction accident. Take responsibility for your own safety by adhering to the safety guidelines at your worksite.


A dented hard hat beats a cracked skull any day. 


You probably don’t even realize how often your work boots have saved your feet from getting cut or smashed. Don’t be the tough guy, always wear your safety harness when working from heights. 


Masks, goggles, the whole deal, create the habit of using them all the time.

3. Keep your site clean.

Tripping and slipping over hazardous debris cause over 30% of construction accidents. Keep the floors clear and avoid blocking pathways and escape routes. Make sure ladder and step systems are dry and free of tripping hazards.


4. Risk management systems can prevent a construction accident.

A worksite construction accident can happen no matter what you do to ensure safety. The only thing you can do is implement and follow a risk management system for your construction project. 


Potential hazards need to be recognized before a construction project even starts. 


Knowing what could occur and creating the right safety measures to combat them is essential. And no matter what is put in place, following through, and sticking to the program is key.

5. Double-check everything.

Never assume something was done when safety is involved. 


Scan your surroundings and make sure everything is in place and that you recognize potential hazards. Follow your gut if something doesn’t look right and if not sure how to proceed, simply ask.

We Can Help

Construction accident prevention is mainly done with your eyes. 


You have to know what to look for to anticipate a hazardous situation. 


Make sure the cords aren’t frayed on any equipment you are using. When walking around, watch for low-hanging hazards and clearances. Watch for underground utilities and overhead lines. 

If you have been injured on the job and need Miami’s top construction accident law firm, look no further. For a free consultation call A to Z Injury Law at (305) 889-7056 or click here.

5 Worksite Construction Accident Prevention Tips

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